12 Apr 2014

Tuple for Your Thoughts?

Andrew Pontious talks with Wolf Rentzsch about the simplest of things, the tuple: what it is, how it is used in other languages (specifically Python), and how, in an alternate universe, it could bring some sanity to Cocoa error handling.


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • Oh, That’s Horrible
  • Our Day-ta/Dahh-ta Argument
  • His Love Is Unconditional
  • You Lose Some Cred Points Right There
  • The Absolute Wrong Way to Do It
  • A Bunch of Bother
  • I Forgot the ‘F’
  • Wanna Grab Some Lunch?
  • A Series of Fixed Objects
  • Wolf, You Love It When I Read Code
  • A Lot of Stuff to Unpack
  • The Idiocy of Using URLs as File References
  • “This Method Is Spelled Correctly”
  • Who Reads Documentation?
  • Singles, Doubles, Triples
  • Incredibly Verbose
  • Better Living with Tuples
  • A Textbook Case of Not Using Tuples
  • They Don’t Really Work Together Very Well
  • There’s an Error, but I Don’t Care
  • Remember When We Used to Pass Structs Around?
  • C++ Is the Kitchen Sink of Languages
  • Maybe I Was Young and Naive
  • I’m Sure Somebody’s Done That
  • Kind of a Tourist Trip
  • You Should Feel in Good Company
  • Not Like an Animal