09 Nov 2013

Improve Your App's Performance with This One Weird Tip

Andrew Pontious talks with Wolf Rentzsch about performance, including the difference ways to define performance improvements, techniques Andrew himself has used, and tips from Apple’s WWDC sessions. Plus: bcrypt is soooo 2008.


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • My Neopet Dog Is Not Eating My Digital Homework
  • “Ass-Crypt?”
  • Sequential Memory-Hard
  • The Anti-Performance Thing
  • bcrypt Is Old and Busted
  • Talking out of My “S”, as It Were
  • If You Get to Ten I Think You Get Some Steak Knives
  • All the Sessions Tend to Be a Blur
  • Another Head Fake, I See
  • A Nice Little Sneaky Way to Do It
  • That Was Really Unfortunate
  • You’re Saying “Edge Cases” a Lot During This Episode
  • A Fairly Blunt Instrument, Quote Unquote
  • Maybe I’m a Hypocrite
  • It Seems to Be Fairly Badly Named
  • I Suspect It’s Not Magic
  • Money That You Pay For