20 Nov 2014

Who Watches the WatchKit?

Andrew talks with Wolf about the newly-released Apple WatchKit SDK.


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • I’m Going to Take Over the Podcast, Mwahahah
  • Over Wolf’s Dead Body
  • Not Masquerading as a Robot
  • Suspiciously Binary
  • Talk to Me As If I’m an Idiot
  • Widget Watch
  • Put Through the Wash Cycle About a Hundred Times
  • Put Through the Watch Cycle
  • KITT, I Need You
  • A Device for People Who Don’t Like Taking Their Phone out of Their Pocket
  • Very Bricky
  • Beautiful Models Holding It at Exactly the Right Angle So That It Looks Cool
  • The First of Its Species
  • Literally Retina Watches in Your Eye
  • Don’t Do Any Math There
  • Weird, But That’s the Way We’re Doing It