09 Aug 2014

Apps for iWatch and Apple TV

Andrew Pontious talks with Wolf Rentzsch about the third-party apps that might be feasible on Apple’s unusual devices, the hypothetical iWatch and the Apple TV. Plus: the future of Edge Cases (hint: there is one).


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • Now You’ve Got an Inch to Play With
  • A Little Bit of Text and a Button
  • What Can You Do on a Watch?
  • What Nanos Do What
  • Overcast on My iPod Nano
  • Everywhere Else, I Have My Phone
  • Groove into a Throbbing, Shagadelic Thing
  • The Marble in the Maze
  • I Don’t Think I Said Velociraptor
  • Also a Hard Sell
  • I’m Just Going to Come Out and Say It: Pippin!
  • And They Got Their Asses Kicked
  • Now You can Play Crappy Games on Your TV
  • Siloed in Their Own Apps
  • Custom Stuff Is Always Crappy
  • That’s Not Quite Stories, That’s Shooting Things
  • A Forward-Looking Episode
  • Eventually I Just Stopped Swiping
  • Those Little Things That Vibrate
  • Adding Another Target Isn’t a Big Deal for Them
  • More Likely Under the Tim Cook Era
  • An App Store Machine Like the iPhone Was
  • That Apple Campus Is Coming Pretty Close To
  • They Feel More Like a Real Media Company
  • The Future of Edge Cases
  • While Still Delivering Our Blather to You