30 Jul 2014

Swift Is a Really Good Thing and a Step Back

Wolf Rentzsch talks to Andrew Pontious about the upsides (it will help advance the industry at large) and downsides (its disturbing lack of dynamism) of Swift.


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • Some U.N. Charter Thing
  • Always One Step Ahead
  • C++++
  • C++ Without the C
  • Crazy Amounts of Duplication
  • Raised the Collective IQ of Programmers
  • Definitely Kind of a Puff Piece
  • We Have This Myopia
  • Maybe He’s the New Rumsfeld
  • The Weirdly-Named BACON Conference
  • There’s No Message Sending in Swift!
  • That’s Where the “V” in V-Table Comes From
  • The Entire Compile-Time Business
  • It’s Delayed Binding
  • Everything Was Slow in the 10.0 Days
  • It Makes Software Fragile
  • He’s Got His Own Reality Distortion Field
  • You’re in a World of Pain
  • I’m on Team Alan Kay
  • They’re Not Show-Stoppers
  • A Horrible Temptation for Most People
  • Jamming Stuff into a Giant, Static Codebase
  • C4 All Over Again
  • It Already Is Too Late
  • We Don’t Get a Vote