24 Jul 2014

When the Bubble Bursts

Andrew Pontious talks with Wolf Rentzsch about the current tech bubble: is it one? Is it web or mobile, or both? Is it like the 90s dot-com bubble? Plus: the tech industry in San Francisco, and Andrew’s tips for surviving a bust.


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • “Are You a Prepper?” “Like, Dr Prepper?”
  • A Red Shed in Wisconsin
  • I’m Going to Read from Wikipedia Again
  • I Am Not An Economist
  • I Looked at Their Little Graph
  • All Feeding on the Trough of Dot-Com Companies
  • The Next Facebook of Whatever
  • When the Investors Say “Enough”
  • Don’t Worry, I Have a Lot of Comments
  • Be Conservative
  • Not Fruit Roll-Ups, Just Roll-Ups
  • Buy a Compound Bow and Learn to Enjoy the Taste of Venison
  • You May Want a Plan B
  • Do It Now, DO IT NOW
  • The Biggest Initial Hurtle Is Mental
  • While the Pond Got Smaller, a Lot of Fish Left
  • My Phone Kept on Ringing
  • Supplying Hardware for the War
  • Doing the Matrix-Style Brain Upload
  • Each Time, He’s Saying, Nah, Nah
  • I’ll Wait for the Economy to Tank, and Then I’ll Be in Great Shape
  • That’s Where the Money Is
  • Right Now, We’re Sitting Pretty