12 Jul 2014

“Refactoring Sucks!”

Andrew Pontious talks to Wolf Rentzsch about refactoring, including Martin Fowler’s influential book, what ASTs are and aren’t, and Andrew’s time working on the refactoring feature in Xcode.


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • Foiled by Tweets Once Again
  • I Could Listen to You All Night
  • Refactoring Is Often Abused
  • Not Like Jony Ive Design
  • I Wouldn’t Say Hostile
  • A More Computer Science-y Way of Describing It
  • I Criticize a Lot of Things
  • How Do I Square That?
  • Wikipedia Is Fairly Mushy
  • Always Been an AST Guy
  • If You Have This, You Should Probably Go See Your Doctor
  • That’s a Balancing Act
  • There’s a Node for That
  • Did a Whole CSI Thing
  • Rewind and Enhance
  • That’s a Great Theory
  • Stymied by the Language
  • I’ve Just Been Programming Too Long
  • Every Little Bloody Transformation
  • I Don’t Know What Kind of Magic They Do
  • Powerful to Give Names to Things