21 Jun 2014

What's New in Xcode 6

Andrew Pontious takes advantage of Apple’s looser WWDC NDA to talk with Wolf Rentzsch about some of the new features in the prerelease version of Xcode 6.


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • More Accurately: What’s New in Xcode 6 That Andrew Got to Before We Started Recording
  • We Could Just Talk About It
  • My First Xcode 6 Rant?
  • Spilling Over into Dev-Land
  • Stop Being Stupid About This
  • I Cheated, Because I Read Your Tweets
  • The First Thing I Tried, Because I’m a Bastard
  • Take That, Interface Builder!
  • Seamlessly Is Unseemly
  • Points of Failure That You Can’t Reach
  • Breakpoints Are All You Have
  • Crappy UI That Fits Any Size
  • Now They Can Pile on the Features
  • The Belle of the WWDC14 Ball
  • They Did Their Homework, They Ate Their Vegetables
  • I’m All for Separation of Concerns
  • You’re Live-Viewing Yourself
  • A Fan of XPC
  • Interface Builder Was Halfway There
  • If We Had Real Live Development Objects
  • I Give Them a Lot of Grief
  • A Taste of Things to Come
  • Heartened by the REPL
  • We Are Agreed: It Would Be Neat