14 Jun 2014

The Culture Didn't Change First

Wolf Rentzsch talks to Andrew Pontious about technical culture: how various technologies are associated with beliefs and their priorities. Examples include Linux, Perl, Python, the Web, and of course Apple and Swift.


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • You’re Playing the Long Game
  • “Look at Me, I’m Reading Literature!”
  • We’re the Fish, in the Water
  • I Like Your Facets
  • Your Name Personally Butchered by Me
  • I’ll Go with That, Pedant
  • A Framework ‘Du Jour’
  • They’re Quantum Microlibraries
  • You’re Going to Get Vtables for Everything
  • One Line of Swift Code
  • Worried About Your Icon Wiggling a Certain Way
  • The Uptake Will Be Pretty Rapid
  • Versus the Graybeards
  • Lack of Real Software Discipline
  • A Good Injection for Our Culture
  • Some Cocoa Guys Writing a Web Framework
  • Cut off in a Backwater
  • Apple Is Still Thinking Like an Objective-C Company
  • A Funny Little Tweet About It
  • I Don’t Think You Can Bolt It on Later
  • An Incoherent Language Which Has More Features That I Like