03 Jun 2014

Edge Cases Live

Wolf Rentzsch and Andrew Pontious record before a live audience at AltLabs during WWDC. Topics: avoiding Sherlocking, seriousness/elegance vs. fun/extensibility at Apple, the “tidal wave” of third-party developers (Wolf) and Swift as a half-step (Andrew).


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • How Many People Got Sherlocked Yesterday?
  • Avoid the 800 Pound Gorilla That Is Apple
  • Dodged the Leather Bullet
  • “You’re Such a Downer”
  • The Magpie of OS and App Development
  • A Wow Factor
  • Chase These Squirrels
  • Try Not to Be a Feature
  • Apple Doesn’t Care About Your Feature Request
  • And You Were a Total Noob About It
  • This Was Another Half-Step
  • Maybe It’s the Drinking
  • Being Creative in the Corners
  • Java Has Its Problems
  • I Don’t Know Who This Is Next to Me!
  • Another Halfway Towards LISP
  • God, the Endless Parens
  • Thank You for the Topical Smack-Down
  • I Only Visited France for the Day
  • He Drained the Six Colors
  • They Had the Elegance, and They Had the Fun
  • The Fuel Ratio’s Been Kind of Off
  • The Race to the Bottom Is Still There
  • They’ve Put a Little Rug in the Cage
  • The NuBus Episode
  • One IDE to Rule Them All
  • The Tidal Wave of Kittens
  • Known Malcontents
  • They’re Going to Try to Kill It