19 Apr 2014

Multipeer Connectivity Is a Terrible Name

Wolf Rentzsch talks to Andrew Pontious about Apple’s new promising but troubled Multipeer Connectivity framework and his new app that takes advantage of it: Rumor Monger.


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • Well, That’s a Mouthful
  • Everybody Does It the Same Way for the Same Reasons
  • There Are No Ruby Tuples
  • ♫ “Everything You Can Do I Can Do Better” ♫
  • Mushrooms After a Rainstorm
  • Massively Powerful Transceivers in Our Pocket
  • I Don’t Know Exactly How All This Stuff Works
  • In the Best Edge Cases Tradition
  • Not as Good as “Wolf Rentzsch”
  • We Tend to Make Fun of the Suits
  • You’re Going to Release Code, Aren’t You?
  • Viruses Jumping from Person to Person
  • Have You Mentioned What It Actually Does Yet?
  • “Now, Ten Years Later…”
  • The Fog of Time Is Becoming Less Dense
  • People Are Terrible, That’s Really the Root Problem
  • Harry Couldn’t Kill It
  • Fear Will Keep the Systems in Line
  • Those Were a Lot of Rowdy People
  • My Implementation Is Considerably Dumber
  • I Haven’t Moved to France Yet
  • Xcode Just Loves to Crash When You Do That
  • This Is Me Getting Pissed Off Enough at UITextView
  • You Have Advertisers and You Have Browsers
  • I Had to Rip My Hair Out
  • Unless You Want to Endure a Lot of Pain