04 Apr 2014

JavaScript Plus Square Brackets

Wolf Rentzsch talks to guest cohost Gus Mueller about Cocoa Script. An evolution of his earlier effort, JSTalk, Cocoa Script is Gus’s sane Mac app scripting alternative to AppleScript, based on JavaScript with Objective-C-style extensions.


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • This Famous List of Topics
  • The End of the Series, the End of the World
  • A Meaningless Three-Digit Number
  • Felt the Pain of AppleScript
  • Steal from Me!
  • You Can See My Trials
  • Not Very Good at Branches
  • Really Strong Embeddable Story
  • Love Note to Objective-C
  • A Little Bit of Syntax Highlighting
  • Stand on the Shoulders of Giants
  • Mocha Is a Bridge
  • CocoaScript Would Be a Better Name
  • You Can’t Be Blamed
  • Very Excited When That First Came Out
  • And Then Disappointed
  • As I Was Walking the Codebase
  • Because of the C Influence
  • A Developer Scripting Language
  • Not Long for This World
  • All the Way to the NeXT Years
  • It Was Pretty Raw
  • Everyone Sending Messages to Each Other
  • Exactly the Sort of Thing That Apple Doesn’t Want to Happen
  • I Generally Hate People
  • That’s Why We Program