15 Mar 2014

A Couple of Maxims, a Couple of Aphorisms

Andrew Pontious talks to Wolf Rentzsch about the three maxims he gleaned from Evan Doll’s interview on the Debug podcast: code is a liability, ship the right bugs, and (paraphrased) don’t impose unneeded project methodologies.


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • The Collected Wisdom of Evan Doll
  • I’m Sure You Have Questions
  • Division Used to Be Really Expensive
  • God, Why Would I Do That?
  • Code Is a Liability
  • Ship the Right Bugs
  • The Pinnacle of Cutting Edge Thinking
  • I’m Hanging Up Right Now
  • Code Leads to Bugs, Bugs Lead to Suffering
  • Person or Robot or Whatever
  • How Do You Freeze-Dry an Object?
  • And of Course, as a Graybeard Myself…
  • Up to and Including the Event Loop
  • Not in Anger, No
  • Single-Handedly Trying to Bring Blogs Back
  • No, I’m Kidding, Don’t Do That at Home
  • Not All the Sample Code Is Written by Interns
  • Really Hard-Asses About Punting Bugs
  • I May Be Butchering This
  • Kill Your Darlings
  • A Very Kind of Adult Thing
  • It’s Hard to Do, but It’s a Good Idea
  • I’m Successful, so Here’s What I Had for Breakfast, and You Should Have That for Breakfast
  • We Have These Binary Bits
  • Hence the Name of This Bloody Podcast
  • What Are You Doing to Your Entities!