02 Feb 2014

Indexing with Clang

Andrew Pontious describes to Wolf Rentzsch his efforts to use libclang to index his Xcode projects, using his new (and barely functional) Chime framework.


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • I Had Not Broken Free of the Chain
  • Clang’s a Big Topic
  • You Could Route Around Apple
  • “Provides a Public Inferface”
  • CFRelease All Over Again
  • In Edge Cases and Perhaps Wolf Fashion
  • It Appears to Do Nothing
  • Objective-C: It’s Not Magical
  • Slow Enumeration
  • Enumerate, Blobbity Blobbity Blah
  • Kinda Streamy
  • There’s a Whole Bunch of Different Buckets
  • I Have Nothing Concrete to Tell You
  • It Can’t Be All That Fuzzy
  • Xcode Doesn’t Just Fall Over
  • It’s an Extremely Difficult Problem
  • Science Also Has This Issue
  • You Really Like Hearing from Losers
  • A Horrible Engineering Challenge
  • Very Excited About Your Little Chime Project