25 Jan 2014

Prototype-Based Programming

Wolf Rentzsch talks to Andrew Pontious about his other favorite thing, prototype-based programming, and examples of it such as Self, NewtonScript, Io, and, yes, JavaScript. Plus: the dunder is back!


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • The Other Favorite Thing
  • You Always Have a Screenful of Notes
  • I’m in a Bad Situation
  • I Got Hopelessly Excited
  • I Would Like an Instance of You
  • “Don’t Let Me Derail You.” “Too Late.”
  • Maybe That’s All the More Reason to Do That
  • What Is an Instance of a Class?
  • You Need This Thing That’s Above Classes
  • It Is Not Turtles All the Way Down
  • Draw the Line at That Frivolity Right There
  • Much More Sensible in C Land
  • Have You Done This? Of Course You Have!
  • That Solves the Philosophical Problem
  • Better in Every Conceivable Way
  • Emphasize the ‘Class’ in ‘Classical’
  • Objects As Glorified Dictionaries
  • Walk Up to the NSWindow Instance
  • I Don’t Think There’s Any Need for Classes
  • A Slave to the Process Model
  • There’s No Life After Death
  • It’s That Xcode Blueprint Thing Again
  • When You Reboot the Universe Every Time
  • Assembling a Bicycle Instead of Writing the Assembly Manual for a Bicycle
  • Classes Have a Very High Cognitive Load
  • Where View Controllers Kind of Rule the Day
  • God, You Don’t Want to Have to Write Another Class!
  • If You Color Within the Lines
  • This Intellectual Sludge
  • The Great JavaScript Engine Wars
  • Self Didn’t Catch the World on Fire
  • More Pythonic Type of Stuff
  • That Seed of Discontent