11 Jan 2014

A Few of My Favorite Things

Wolf Rentzsch talks to Andrew Pontious about two of his favorite things, live development objects and Code Bubbles. Plus: revisiting Microsoft’s Singularity.


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • The Magic’s Gone
  • Maybe I’m Just a Big Blabbermouth
  • Siracusa Being the Madman That He Is
  • Keep in Mind This Is Not THE Singularity
  • A Gemini Thing Going On
  • Freeze-Dried Objects
  • These Troublesome Laws of Physics
  • For a Certain Value of “We”
  • Feels More Like Clay
  • Code Being Flung over the Wire
  • The Pony Episode
  • A Truly Dynamic Language Yearning to Breathe Free
  • Every Other Minute Blows Your Mind
  • The Seed of Discontent
  • A Guy Who Loves Lots of Windows on His Screen
  • What Was That About Being Positive?
  • Writing Code, Writing Code, Writing Code CHUNK Time to Move Over to Debug!
  • The Best Reason to Install Java on Your Mac
  • Try a Little Slice of the Future Here