22 Dec 2013

Sequential Consistency

Wolf Rentzsch talks to Andrew Pontious about sequential consistency and memory models by dressing up Andrew as a Processor and himself as Main Memory. Special involuntary cameo by Daniel Jalkut the Cache (not really).


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • A Custom Mispronunciation of Your Name
  • Right There, You Already Have Your First Problem
  • We’re Going to Do a Little Role Playing
  • As Close to Shakespeare as We Get Here at Edge Cases
  • Andrew, You’re Really Fast, Everyone Says That
  • La-Di-La, Check Your Watch, Check Twitter
  • To Continue the Inappropriate Anthromorphization
  • Jalkut the Cache
  • Actually One of the Worst Things You Can Do
  • This Only Buys You So Much
  • Like a Tree Falling in the Forest
  • You Should Take All This with a Grain of Salt
  • You’re a Fool to Listen to Us
  • Storing Is Communication
  • We Want to Throw Some Money at the Problem
  • I’m Already Cheap
  • Have You Ever Had the Pleasure of Debugging Optimized Code?
  • Where All the Jalkuts Get to Talk to Each Other
  • We Don’t Want to Cut Java Any Slack
  • Go into Lawyer Mode
  • You’re in Undefined Land, No One Can Help You Anyway
  • Surprisingly Strongly Consistent
  • That’s When the Bit Gets Set
  • That’s How Awesome We Are