13 Dec 2013

It's Not Just Code, It's Unicode

Andrew Pontious talks hexy to Wolf Rentzsch by going on at length about Unicode: its design, its planes (astral and otherwise), and its UTF-16 and UTF-8 encodings. Plus: backup followup.


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • I Have My Own Misgivings About This Topic
  • Not Only Because It Destroyed Your System
  • I Could Never Find the Emotional Strength
  • We Warned You About This, Nicholas
  • Don’t Quote Me on That
  • Backup Itself Is Such a Terrible Topic
  • In the Corner There, Sulking
  • He’s Taken the Arrows in the Back for Us
  • Or Umlaut, If You’re German
  • Automate Ourselves Away
  • A Bit of a Scope Increase
  • Talk Hexy to Me
  • I Don’t Even Know What’s in There
  • How Wikipedia Thinks That Works
  • It Cracks Me Up When You Read Binary
  • It’s a Magic Cookie
  • Two Thingies to Represent One Character
  • If You Want to Wake the Beast
  • Given Unicode, That Way Lies Madness
  • Dammit, Stop This Idiocy