08 Dec 2013

Libraries vs Collaborating Objects

Wolf Rentzsch talks to Andrew Pontious about software interface design, using jQuery’s Ajax functionality as an example of a “library” API style and NSURLConnection as an example of a “collaborating objects” API style. Plus: AFNetworking, and NSURLSession.


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • This Is the NURLConnection One
  • Involuntary Followup
  • Everybody Should Use Time Machine
  • Pluck the Remaining Files
  • Shows How Much I Know About the Medical Profession
  • The Elevator Pitch for JQuery
  • Suspend Your Disgust
  • A Bit of Knowledge Wikipedia Doesn’t Know
  • That’s a Little JQuery Joke for You Two People in the Audience
  • The Worse Case Scenario
  • “Let Us Now Talk About NSURLConnection” “…Must We?”
  • The Detritus Left on Shore After That Storm
  • Designed Literally a Decade Ago
  • A C Function Pointer, Which Nobody Likes
  • Every Single Method Is Optional
  • Not That I Recommend Diving In
  • Google+ Is Still a Present Danger
  • Talking Trash About AFNetworking
  • A Big Ball of MUD
  • I Will Take a String, Because F U NSURL
  • What Really Helps Is Diagramming
  • Don’t Use UML
  • My Good Friend NSCalendarDate
  • It’s Like You Don’t Know Me at All