16 Nov 2013

The Time Machine Worst-Case Scenario

Wolf Rentzsch talks to Andrew Pontious about backup. Topics include Time Machine, the sadness of Time Capsule, SuperDuper, clonedrive (Wolf’s own software), CrashPlan, Backblaze, and Arq.


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • You Have Secret Followup?
  • Hungry for a Big, Empty Hard Drive
  • It Was Lying to Me
  • Time Capsule Is Such a Sad Story
  • It Could Be Pure Apple
  • Everyone Needs a Wifi Router
  • If They’re Normals, What Are We?
  • Eventually, Something Goes Wrong, All the Time
  • Don’t Feel Like You Actually Have to Read It
  • Whatever Cat That Was
  • Stop the World for Me
  • It Has the Magic Pocket Watch
  • Enough Quirks and Failure Scenarios
  • Don’t Put Your Eggs in the Time Capsule Basket
  • RAID Is Not a Backup
  • Past Me Had a Stroke or Something
  • The Least Reliable Part of Your System
  • Cocoa Copy Cloner
  • I’m Amazed It Works
  • All Backup Machismo
  • Randomly Eating Its Backups
  • It Wouldn’t Be an Edge Cases Episode If I Didn’t Write Some Code
  • It Looks Like a Toaster
  • Not What Dropbox Is For
  • I Feel Kind of Bad for Normals
  • They’re Not Doing It, and They’re Not Going to Do It
  • If We Mention His Name Three Times, Will He Appear?