26 Oct 2013

The Language of Cross-Platform Development

Andrew Pontious talks with Wolf Rentzsch about the challenges of cross-platform development, including Mac vs. Windows, OS X vs. iOS, and iOS 6 vs. iOS 7.


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • This Fine, Fine Show of Ours
  • A Bit of a Kerfuffle
  • Not a Binary-Type Thing
  • And Don’t Say Javascript
  • I Probably Know Too Much About It
  • LISP Has Always Been Around, LISP Is Eternal
  • Then You’re Setting Yourself Up for Trouble
  • I’m Not Sure Apple Did Us Any Favors
  • You Get a Lot of Disrespect
  • Apple Was Big-Tent Back Then
  • They Were Slow, They Were Weird-Looking
  • Wizards Love Windows
  • Like Grit in a Pool of Oil
  • Our Metaphors Continue to be Wonderful
  • I’m Not Just Saying This in the Abstract
  • Well, Y’know, No You Can’t
  • That’s Very Adult of You
  • Apple Loves Transition Guides
  • Oh My God, Don’t DO THIS!
  • The Web Is Its Own Platform
  • I’ve Always Been an Anti-Fan
  • Loren Is Obviously a Genius
  • That’s When the Real Fun Is Going to Begin
  • I Feel Kind of Badly for Recommending It
  • The Red Carpet Leads Right There