13 Oct 2013

Threads Are Interesting

Wolf Rentzsch talks to Andrew Pontious about threads, explaining what they are, giving them a robust defense, and providing hints about his sordid concurrency past. (Spoiler: GCD wins in the end.)


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • I Wish I Could Blame the Bourbon
  • I Always Strain for Analogies
  • It Was Totally Deterministic
  • The Big-Boy Operating System Concepts
  • From the Days of Yore
  • Put a Rentzsch in the Works
  • I Don’t Know What’s Wrong with Us
  • Mach Had This Thing
  • Pulsing Threads
  • Smash on the Accelerator and Then Smash on the Brakes
  • No One Cared at That Point
  • My Claim to Fame
  • You Can Definitely Use Them for Evil
  • I Don’t Know What to Call Any of This Stuff
  • Only in the Preemptive World
  • I’ll Recursively Lock It for You
  • The Contender for One of the Weirdest APIs Out There
  • Because We’re in the Harsh Land of C
  • Who Wants to be Mean to the Thread?
  • At That Point You’re in Multithreaded Land
  • I Seem to Remember Leaking a Lot
  • State in General Is the Root of All Evil
  • In Threads, the Early Bird Doesn’t Get the Worm
  • Your OS Falls Over
  • I Was Just Pulling My Hair Out
  • Cuz You’re Going to Go on the Sloooow Paaaath