06 Oct 2013

Slobbering over Xcode 5 Auto Layout

Andrew Pontious tells Wolf Rentzsch about the changes in Xcode 5, including a more iOS-like appearance, expanded SCM functionality, new unit test UI, and most importantly, a very welcome overhaul of Interface Builder’s Auto Layout support.


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • Studly Floating Point Performance
  • Everything Is Tinier
  • I Don’t Run Mavericks
  • “Hey, Guys, You’re Not iOS!”
  • Too Many Notes
  • For Xcode To Shut Up About It
  • Ya Don’t Get Full Credit
  • Which Makes Me…Happy
  • Unlike Every. Other. Comparison. View. In the Universe!
  • It Was Wrong, It Was Stupid, It Was Bad
  • And They Did It Anyway, Cuz they Never Listen
  • Someone Has Had Their Head Meet Reality
  • I Hope To Be Pleasantly Surprised by It
  • If You Have To Look at a Tooltip, Your UI Has Failed
  • Here’s a New Thing! It Doesn’t Do Anything
  • Not Held Back by the Baggage of C
  • The Martha Stuart of Project Editors
  • Lost in a Sea of White
  • If It’s Odd, It Should Be Me
  • I’ve Been Dying To Talk About It
  • Apple Says a Lot of Things
  • The Opposite of Maintainable
  • You Have Checked in a Bomb into Your Project
  • You’re Making My Heart Go Pitter-Patter
  • You Made a Little Phone in the Middle of My Xcode
  • Just Do the Whole of Xcode This Way
  • Putting as Much Lipstick on the Pig as He Could