28 Sep 2013

ARM Is Kind of Like Dark Matter

Wolf Rentzsch talks to Andrew Pontious about ARM64: its history, its advantages, and its surprisingly unsurprising ISA (instruction set architecture).


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • Kind of Unsightly for Us
  • A Bit of a Programming Languages Geek
  • More Overlapping Names Than a Dostoyevsky Novel
  • Was There Another Branch Called LEG?
  • The British Apple
  • Not Readily Available in My RAM Here
  • This Is Where Things Start Getting Confusing
  • I Just Don’t Believe It
  • Just Tack a Zero on the End
  • The Hobbit Simply Wasn’t Studly Enough
  • You Will Never Hear About the ARM 4 and ARM 5
  • Like Siracusa, I Am Anti-Patent
  • We Talk a Lot About Intel
  • I Would Prefer the Term Execution Architecture
  • It’s Very Non-RISC-y
  • I’m Pretty Far Gone, but Not That Far Gone
  • Maybe I Have To Be a Little Less Snarky
  • Extra Bits for Extra Goodness
  • It Almost Seems Naively Clean
  • ARM Is Everywhere
  • MIPS Is Kind of a Sad Story