25 Aug 2013

Primal Debugging Systems

Andrew Pontious talks with Wolf Rentzsch about debugging: the oddity of combining a programmer’s creation role with mystery solving, debugging difficulty levels, and the tools we use, including Instruments and lldb. Plus: git bisect.


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • It Takes a Long Time to Build a File System
  • There’s Nothing Wrong with Milking Your Professional Life
  • A Carpenter and a Private Investigator
  • The Pottery Barn Rule
  • One Group to Make the Bugs and One Group to Fix Them
  • They’re Not Miracle Workers
  • And You Say, “That Shouldn’t Be Happening”
  • Happy People Are All Happy in the Same Way; Unhappy People Are All Unhappy in Different Ways
  • Why Are Things Not Smooth?
  • I Was Very Much at Home in Shark
  • The Pre–Xcode 4 Xcode 4
  • Under Systems with Shitty Debuggers, Logging Is All You Have
  • LLDB Had No Such Luxury
  • A Little Bit of Dog Action in the Back
  • And Then I Go Back to Writing My Log Statements
  • All Different Little Meta-Languages
  • Code or GTFO
  • It’s Not That Customizable
  • My Code, Not Your Code
  • Some Sort of Object Model Glued to the C Runtime
  • Software Is Actually Surprisingly Good
  • At That Point, You’re Just Abusing QA
  • I Want to Believe
  • They’re Going to Knock This One Out of the Park Too
  • Some Issues with Showing Me My Bloody Variables
  • If You Structure Your Header Files Right
  • Caught in the Shiny Allure of Apple’s Newest Systems
  • By Git Standards, It’s a Dream