17 Aug 2013

A Cryptography Tourist

Wolf Rentzsch tries to scare Andrew Pontious with all the decisions you’re likely to get wrong when implementing a cryptographic system and gives some advice on how to cope. (To skip the beginning infodump, start at 7:50.)


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • I Don’t Know What That Is
  • One of the Dense Shows
  • I’m Butchering His Name, But I’ll Put a Link In
  • All the Crypto Code You’ve Ever Written Is Probably Broken
  • The Newish Hotness
  • That Has the Word “Secure” in It
  • Their Internal Bit Blender State
  • The Point Is: You Probably Wouldn’t Get This Right
  • I Want to Have Some HotSec
  • The Thrust of What This Episode is About
  • We’re Domain Tourists
  • I Don’t Want This to Devolve into the Grep Thing
  • The Methodology of Test and Fix
  • It’s Like Tech Journalism
  • I’m So Hipster, I Had the Blue Cover Book
  • My Personal Rebellious Story Against the State, Man
  • All Sorts of Feelings of Power There
  • As Much As You Can Steal a Non-Physical Item, Which Is, I Guess, a Point of Philosophy
  • It Took the Money Incentive
  • Misused by People Like Me
  • If You Want to Be a White Hat, You Can
  • Let Me Tell You, It’s Not a Friendly API Whatsoever
  • All Shipping Code Has Bodies Buried in There
  • You Should See This Build System, Man, It’s Crazy
  • I’m Wrong About Some of the Stuff You’ve Listened To
  • A Mindset That Goes Well with This Podcast
  • Another Joe Programmer Who’s Pissed Off