10 Aug 2013

When You're New to a Codebase

Andrew Pontious covers with Wolf Rentzsch three aspects of learning the source code of an unfamiliar project: teaching someone else your codebase, learning a new codebase yourself, and the extra steps Andrew takes.


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • I’ll Just Punch in the Number
  • This Video Link Will Probably Break
  • “I’m Volunteering You.” “Thanks!”
  • I’m Skeptical, There, as in So Many Other Things
  • Nobody Really Wants That, Nobody Cares
  • To Know vs. Be Familiar With
  • If You Don’t Want to Sound like the Dude
  • You Won’t Have Made an Internal Model
  • Dig the Ruts in Your Own Mind
  • Way to Refer to Yourself!
  • Our Flashback Episode
  • Getting Two Different Witnesses to a Crime
  • Special Cases Unit
  • Giant Unreadable Morass of Lines
  • It’s Like You’re Looking Inside My App, Man
  • This Is Definitely Breaking a Record
  • A Write-Only Medium
  • The Seatbelt Analogy
  • What Is All This Crap?
  • Then You See This Gnarled Code
  • I Take Copious Notes
  • Find Your Go-To People
  • Don’t Get Discouraged
  • Be Prepared for the Roller Coaster
  • You May Be the Person on Both Ends of the Stick
  • They’re Useful for the Times They’re Useful For, and That’s Fine
  • I Have a Text File, like You
  • My Cache-to-Hit Ratio There Is Pretty Low