03 Aug 2013

If You're a File System Geek

Wolf Rentzsch talks with Andrew Pontious about the past, present, and future of file systems, from MFS to ZFS and beyond. Plus, how Apple could advance the state of the art with SSDs.


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • You Being the Noob to the Mac
  • Really Cool in a Lot of Different Ways
  • Now That Apple Owns the World
  • Probably Not in a Good Way, but Still Interesting
  • Eat Up My Machine Forever
  • Where_have_all_my_files_gone?
  • You Just Get the Candy, You Don’t Get the Wrapper
  • ACLs Still Kinda Confuse Me, I Still Pretty Much Stay Away from Them
  • You Can Kind of Think of It as a Cache, but It’s Better Than That
  • I Don’t Know How You’re Coping with This
  • “Even That Strategy’s Untenable.” “Oh Well.”
  • You Say What You’re Going to Do, and Then You Do It
  • When Did Avi Leave?
  • More Than One Andrew Out There
  • Which Made it Very Database-y
  • The Prelude to Spotlight
  • The Zettabyte File System
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken Does Not Have Their Own File System
  • You Don’t Have Any Dirt?
  • Apple Lawyers Doing Their Due Diligence
  • ZFS on the Mac Is in a Very Sad State
  • It Focuses on Data Corruption
  • The All-Time Favorite, Cosmic Rays
  • Things That Were Previously Assumed Studly
  • He Just Screams at the Server
  • Just Roll with Me
  • Kind of a Catch-22 Type Thing
  • The More Memory You Can Throw at It, the Better
  • The Oracle Taint on It
  • Grow into the ZFS Shoes
  • On the Mac, We’re Just Lost, and We Have No Hope
  • We Don’t Know How They Work
  • Apple Can Lead the Charge There
  • They Control the Hardware, They Control the Software
  • Only File System Geeks Like Me Would Actually Care