27 Jul 2013

Testing Whether You Believe in Fairies

Andrew Pontious talks about interviewing for a job as a developer with Wolf Rentzsch: linked lists, trick questions, big-O notation, and more.


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • I’ve Just Got Two Short Ones
  • Keychain: It’s Not That Exciting
  • The Andrew Pontious and Wolf Rentzsch of Objective-C
  • Hell, There Might Have Been
  • Don’t You Use Oils, or Maybe Just Watercolors
  • That’s What You Listeners Do, You Spite Us
  • First Person Who Gets That Reference Gets a Free T-Shirt, If We Had T-Shirts, Which We Don’t, So, Sorry
  • Not Too Long Ago but Not Too Short Ago
  • They Just Shred It, Basically
  • The Real World vs the Interview World
  • Did I Just Say Growing as a Transitive Verb? Sorry About That
  • I Know That Sounds Like BS
  • It Makes Me Wary
  • It Sounds Like Higher Billing Rate Bullshit
  • Interchangeable Cogs
  • If You Want to Have the Most Doors Open
  • Ermahgerd, You Worked at Apple!
  • You’re Not Going to Complain That I’m Stealing Your Topic
  • Did I Just Fail the Test?
  • I Hate Hate Hate Trick Questions
  • Oh, He Couldn’t Answer That! Points Off!
  • But Seriously! “What’s a Category?” That’s the Best You Can Do?
  • Which Is Why I Would Never Ask That Question
  • He Was Kind of This Gruff Old Timer, I Think, Wolf, You Would’ve Liked Him
  • A Game of Telephone Tag
  • C’mooooon, Tell Me a Little More
  • It Probably Won’t Do Any Good
  • Interviews Still Pretty Much Suck
  • Do You Even Want to Play That Game
  • Putting the Biscuit on Your Nose but Not Letting You Bite It