06 Jul 2013

The Pragmatic and the Academic

Wolf Rentzsch talks with Andrew Pontious about the pros and cons of two routes to programming knowledge: the self-taught way (employed by both hosts), and the top-down way of a computer science degree.


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • No Client Hyperthreading
  • The Act of Learning How to Write Software
  • Why We Have Circles in the First Place
  • Most of the People in My Bubble
  • I Like to Joke That I Have a Grade School Education
  • A Kid with a Computer and a Compiler
  • I, Like You, Was an Autodidact
  • I Overloaded the Word Scheme There
  • Any Field That Has the Word ‘Science’ in Its Name Probably Isn’t
  • Wow, How Many People Can We Piss Off?
  • Oh, That Problem Is Academic
  • Distinction Without a Difference
  • Our Recent Friend Auto Layout
  • Knowledge Helps You Give Up Earlier
  • Don’t All Computer Science Problems Eventually Boil Down to Sorting?
  • The Post-Opulent World
  • Wasting Time Is Crucial
  • I Can’t Believe I Used the Word ‘Proactive’, but Sometimes It Actually Fits
  • One Bad Programmer Can Easily Create Two New Jobs a Year
  • Make It Harder for Future Plumbers
  • “Is That Distinction…Academic?” “Touché.”
  • Underneath That Veneer of Productivity
  • Corporations Are Not Usually Shining Examples of Software Best Practices
  • You Have That Knowing Laugh
  • Every Corporation Is Broken in a Unique and Interesting Way
  • Even Academia Doesn’t Help You Here
  • Where Can You Turn? Who Will Save Us!?
  • You Need the Grizzled Veterans
  • I Speak Really Quickly and Use California Slang
  • A Lot of People Got Washed Away in the Bust
  • Software Eats the World
  • I Found a Port in the Storm
  • More Than One Boom Going on at the Same Time
  • Are You a Hoarder?
  • Helps to Be a Little Smarter Than…Stupid
  • “Where Does the Stack End?” “Where the Syrup Starts.”