29 Jun 2013

No Carbon This Time Around

Andrew Pontious talks with Wolf Rentzsch about the risks and burdens developers will face updating their apps for iOS 7.


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • When I Say ‘Cover’, of Course, I Mean Complain About
  • First, I’m Going to Pound the NDA
  • I’m a Dub Dub Old-Timer
  • Me in All My Flabby, Pale Glory
  • Go Away, I Will Tell You Nothing!
  • If It Is the Reason They Do It, It’s a Really Stupid Reason
  • It Prevents the People You Do Want to Have Have It From Having It (Title!)
  • Apparently, There Were Quite a Few Screenshots
  • That Was a One-Off, or Maybe a One-and-a-Half-Off
  • They Ran out of Cats at an Inconvenient Time
  • The Sheer Amount of Man-Hours
  • Hastily-Constructed Bedrock
  • The Granddaddy of Telling Your Developers to Do Lots of Things
  • And Everybody Said…No
  • Let’s Put a Squeeze on Our Developers
  • How Apple Is Going to Handle Losing
  • The Mac and iOS Intelligentsia
  • Because We’re Human Beings
  • I Would Be That Bucket of Cold Water
  • I’m in Wineman’s Camp
  • I’m Really Bad at Aging Babies
  • Apple Is Not Full of Stupid People