21 Jun 2013

The Poetry of Donald Rumsfeld

Wolf Rentzsch talks about software estimation with Andrew Pontious and why he’s given up even trying (hint: he found something that works better).


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • I Think It’s Important That the People Who Don’t Follow Us on Twitter Are Somehow Punished
  • We’re Not Topical
  • How Long Do You Think the Show’s Going to Be?
  • I Liked the Code Complete Before It Was Cool
  • He Was Willing to Play Ball with Me
  • It’s Pretty Endemic
  • I Found a New Guru
  • You Know, You’re Such a Programmer
  • We Can Throw Science at This
  • Infinitely Copyable Bits
  • I Should Say “Cat”
  • I Could Go on and on About the Rot of Our Profession
  • I’m All About Plying You with Bad Metaphors
  • A Lot of Thrusting Going On in This Episode
  • It Mixes a Time-Tracking Program with a Project-Management Program Mixed with a Bug-Tracker-Type Thing
  • A Really Big Merge Problem
  • You Gotta Ship for Dub Dub
  • I Basically Have Given Up Trying to Estimate Software
  • My Bitterness Kind of Soaks in There
  • Bolting Things Together and Writing a Bunch of Glue Code
  • That Can Be a Big Pill to Swallow
  • It Helps with Human Nature