25 May 2013

Your Logging System Isn't Advanced Enough

Wolf Rentzsch continues the conversation about logging with Andrew Pontious, including a spirited debate on the merits of levels, his own logging package JRLog, and Cocoa Lumberjack.


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • I’m Sorry—Blogging, What? Flogging? Slogging? Clogging?
  • The Disease of Us Self-Taught Learner People
  • Kind of in the Mysterious Mode There
  • Wrote It off Totally and Stayed the Hell Away
  • If You’ve Been Burned, Then That Doesn’t Help You Anyway
  • I Didn’t Want to Steal Your Show
  • Scar Tissue
  • Here Be Dragons, Thank You
  • Take It All Out, Take It ALL Out
  • Against the Idea of Levels Altogether
  • The Info Still Is a Lot More Chatty
  • I’m This App and I’m Doing This Thing
  • Then You Rip It Back Out
  • Throwing Everything and the Kitchen Sink in There
  • I’m Definitely on Your Side
  • I’m More Worried About Our Fragile Human Minds
  • I Don’t Want That Thing on All the Time
  • Spray and Pray
  • We Could Use the Power of Logic
  • The Granddaddy of Java Logging Systems
  • All Those Multiple Levels I Know You Super-Love
  • Even Though It Pissed Me Off Every Time I Used It
  • Getting the Debug Spew You Want
  • There’s a Lot of Underscores There
  • I Don’t Think I Can Go Back
  • Everyone’s Gonna Want to Use It Now
  • The Beginner’s Mind on It Again
  • Hopefully That Will Scare Away Some of Our Listeners
  • It’s a Gross Hack, but Pretty Fun
  • Evidence of a Wound
  • There’s No Panacea Here
  • Logorrhoea