18 May 2013

The Graffiti of the Software Development World

Andrew Pontious talks about logging with Wolf Rentzsch, including Xcode breakpoint actions and the Apple System Log. Plus: lots of CocoaPods followup, and a surprise ending!


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • Something and the Something
  • By “Extensive” I Mean Three People Have Talked to Us
  • Put That in the Hopper
  • That’s a Very Sad Version of Spin the Bottle
  • It Sounds Like Auto Layout
  • I’m Willy Nilly
  • I Will Call It for You
  • But It’s Painful and Ugly
  • The Magic Was in the Shared Cache
  • You Want Me to Sing the Lumberjack Song?
  • You Must Be This Tall to Ride
  • I Need to Stand up for Logging
  • It Really Does Feel like Java
  • That Seems to Be Enough to Kick It
  • I’m the One Who Gets Cut Off
  • Things Can Get Pretty Chatty
  • What NSLog Spits Out
  • You’ve Heard Me Complain About This Before
  • There’s Got to Be a Better Way, but There Isn’t a Better Way
  • I Need Levels That I Need
  • I Want to See What I Want to See
  • Each One Is Kind of Beefy in Its Own Right
  • We’ll Keep It Going Like Volleyball