11 May 2013

I Do Care a Lot About Dependencies

Wolf Rentzsch talks with Andrew Pontious about the upsides and downsides of CocoaPods, as well as other techniques for sharing code and tracking dependencies between projects.


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • I Heard About It from You
  • I Wouldn’t Say They’re Hostile to Providing a Solution, But I Don’t Think They Ever Really Will
  • In the Bold iOS Era
  • I’ve Even Witnessed Open Hostility
  • I Did Not Write the Podspec
  • Would the Command Be, “Open the Pod Bay Doors, Hal”?
  • The Dependency Hell Pain
  • MacRuby Might Be the Worst of Both Worlds
  • The Horrible Podfile Format
  • I’m Not Sure You’re Guilty, but I’m Definitely Guilty
  • Maybe We’ll Get That at Dub Dub
  • We Hit the Runtime Wall
  • In the Bold Software Future
  • Frameworks Kind of Got a Bad Wrap
  • Functionality Roach Motel
  • Heard This at Dub Dub, So Pretty Sure It’s True
  • Even Debugging Works
  • Somewhat Difficult to Retrieve
  • Putting Landmines in Your Project
  • Fine-Grained Is the Way to Do Things
  • This Formatting War Going On
  • The Diff Looks Pretty Brutal
  • Use Helmo’s Fork