04 May 2013

I Don't Finish the Books

Andrew Pontious talks with Wolf Rentzsch about the resources we use as developers to learn: books, Stack Overflow, Twitter, blogs, and, yes, conferences like WWDC.


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • I’ve Gone with the Dub Dub
  • An Integral Part of the Process
  • That’s Programming for You
  • Don’t Do Step 4
  • The Current Reigning Champion
  • What’s Wrong with Stack Overflow
  • A General Grumbling
  • Questions I Ask Are Generally Pretty Much Ignored
  • A Little Mini-WWDC
  • Tongues Would Be Looser
  • The Search Is Kind of Crappy
  • I Forgot I Could Do That
  • If Labs Are Your Plan A, You Should Have a Plan B
  • You’re Leaving Out the Primary Reason, Which Is Stump
  • I Don’t Eat the Whole Thing
  • Short Attention Span Programming