27 Apr 2013

Slinging CGRects Around

Wolf Rentzsch continues the conversation with Andrew Pontious about Auto Layout: its yays and its nays, Wolf’s inevitable new GitHub projects to ease its usage, and alternatives such as ReactiveCocoaLayout.


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • I Guess This Is the Gray Hair Showing
  • Which May Or May Not Be a Good Thing
  • “I Don’t Really Care” … “Fair Enough”
  • Which Doesn’t Solve Virtually Any of the Problems You Mentioned
  • I’d Rather Just Move On with My Life
  • iTunes Schmitunes
  • You Don’t Need iTunes When You Have otool
  • I Don’t Tend to Think in Terms of Cartesian Coordinate Systems
  • Top Left Is the Way to Your Heart
  • It Feels Like Graphics Code
  • I Just Totally Stay Away from IB
  • One Mutable Field That’s Ironically Named Constant
  • A Little Alarming
  • Weird, Attached Purple Window
  • Where the Tools Are Nicer
  • Your Debug Logs Will Be All the Richer
  • It’s Not a Real Edge Cases Episode Unless Wolf Ships a GitHub Repository
  • The First One Is So Dumb and Simple
  • I Guess You Control the Horizontal and the Vertical
  • I Attacked This in So Many Different Ways
  • I Spent Some Quality Time in Stack Overflow
  • It Flies off My Fingers
  • No End of Trouble
  • Once You Have Dictionary Literals, It’s Ehwuwhuugh
  • Our Magical Friend
  • It Shrinks My Code
  • You Were Talking Pretty Fast
  • No Magic Bullet There