20 Apr 2013

Rectangles on a String

Andrew Pontious talks with Wolf Rentzsch about Auto Layout from the newbie’s perspective. In this, he’s aided by Erica Sadun’s book iOS Auto Layout Demystified. (Interface Builder winds up being less helpful.)


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • You Totally Stole My Topic
  • Lace All Our Podcasts with Wrong Information
  • I Don’t Normally Buy Books
  • A Gentleman and a Scholar, but Maybe Less of a Scholar
  • It’s Like NSPredicate
  • I Never Do That
  • I Would Even Go So Far as To Call It Infuriating
  • Edge Cases City
  • You Only Have One Shot
  • You Can’t Do That Anymore Because of Core Animation
  • I Already Have Code That Works
  • Work Around Xcode Being Bad
  • I’ve Got Big Quotes Going on in My Hands Here
  • I’ve Complained About Xcode All the Way Along
  • This One They Really Screwed the Pooch
  • I Find Listening to Our Podcast Totally Unbearable
  • Possibly the Last Chapter Will Be Really Bad
  • Layout Code Tends to Be So Terrible
  • Attractive Nuisance