13 Apr 2013

One Little Package of Hate

Wolf Rentzsch talks with Andrew Pontious about how OS X’s installer technology is dangerous, complicated, obsolete, under-documented, and feature-poor.


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • We Will Go Through Hell with You This Week, Wolf
  • Some Trauma to Our RSS Feed
  • I Take Exception to That
  • The Secret Chapter
  • A Young and Naive Pup
  • Breaking in New and Exciting Ways
  • Every Package Has a Payload
  • Tar Always Does the Right Thing
  • It’s Not C3PO
  • Australian-Style Parallel Evolution Thing
  • One of Them’s Got “Tape” in Its Name
  • I’m Not Going to Download 9 GB of an Installer
  • I Have No Problems with It
  • I Guess I Can’t Call Them Platters Anymore
  • An Attractive Nuisance
  • These Stinky Projects
  • Tons of Terrible Pain Here
  • Here, Have a Tissue
  • I Witnessed This the Most Fun Way Possible
  • This Horrible Nesting of Russian Dolls
  • Famously Buggy
  • Look into the Eyes of Madness
  • ClickToFlashbacks
  • All Bad, All the Time
  • Just as Bad as I’d Hoped
  • Layers of Horrendous Horrendous Horrendous