06 Apr 2013

Putting Your Scent on the Code

Andrew Pontious talks with Wolf Rentzsch about editor round-tripping: taking source code with one format, such as K&R-style braces, converting it losslessly to another format, and back. Are the trade-offs worth it?


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • Why Don’t We Talk About Having a Shorter Show a Little More
  • I See My Cat Has an Opinion
  • This Terrible, Terrible Format
  • The Mid-Nineties Holy Grail
  • That’s the Last We’ll Be Talking About UML
  • Very Specific, Very Peculiar Ways
  • A Dagwood Sandwich of Methods and Comments
  • Regularized the Heck out of Them
  • NOT HyperCard
  • Or a Cat Got on the Keyboard
  • No One Should Get Excited
  • It Feels Like Hundreds
  • Stamping out All of the Idiosyncrasies
  • My Quite Bubbly, Enthusiastic Take
  • The Bad Old Days of Project Builder
  • A C Source File That’s Shaped like the Death Star
  • Like a Recursive Can of Worms
  • The Way to Be a Happy Engineer
  • Urinating on the Code, Metaphorically