30 Mar 2013

Don't Expect Anything To Work

Kyle Sluder, who works on OmniOutliner at The Omni Group, talks to Wolf Rentzsch about disassembling, Core Animation, KVO, Auto Layout and more.


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • More of a Little Man
  • Core Animationy Goodness
  • I’m Being Diplomatic
  • I Had Been Raised on Intel Syntax
  • More S’s and X’s and Q’s and L’s
  • Oh Wow There’s a Lot of Options Here
  • I Take Great Advantage How Objective-C Code Looks Once It’s Been Decompiled
  • A Permanently Open Disassembly of AppKit
  • There Were Many Radars Which Were Filed
  • I Dug As Deep As I Have To — You Can’t Be Very Shallow
  • You’re Almost Certainly Not Working In Assembly Yourself
  • Blonde, Brunette, _msgSend
  • The Golden Path Has Gotten Wider
  • We Have This Hybrid Beast
  • Blatted Into Place
  • Touching The DOM Is Expensive
  • It Would Be Like Swallowing A Whale