24 Mar 2013

In a UI Tarpit

Andrew Pontious starts talking with Wolf Rentzsch about why native application UIs are better than website UIs, but ends up talking about why there are no ads in most iOS apps.


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • Native vs. Web
  • It’s Probably Just Me
  • I’ll Do Your Dirty Work for You
  • I’m Not Sure What the Moral of That Is
  • Is It Dying Again Yet?
  • Cursed or Charmed Mode
  • A Red Dwarf
  • It Doesn’t Matter Because Apple Doesn’t Have It
  • Apple’s Addicted to It
  • They Only Change When They’re On the Way Down
  • Is That Like Gazpacho?
  • Please Email Somebody Else
  • The Way People Throw Links Everywhere
  • A Series of Rectangles Filled Up with Controls
  • Always Tables
  • When I Look at Things a Certain Way
  • The Killer Detail
  • One Painting After Another
  • Not Quite a Browser
  • I’m Glad You Mentioned Ads
  • Siracusa-Style Blindness
  • A Poverty of Design
  • You’re Lucky to See a Line of Text
  • How to Jam Their Crap Content into There
  • A Much Harsher Environment to Survive In