16 Mar 2013

The Tofu Scale

Wolf Rentzsch talks with Andrew Pontious about philosophical and practical aspects of branching in version control.


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • Start Going Down the List
  • Taller Than Can Fit on My 27” Display
  • CVS Is Horrible and You Shouldn’t Use It
  • The Next Two Ones Are Also Horrible
  • I Don’t Know What Magic It Did
  • With Subversion, I Wasn’t Very Branchy
  • Bad Things Come in Threes
  • Not Strictly a Horrible Thing
  • I’ve Often Been Complimented on My Large Binary Assets
  • The Philosophy of Branches
  • Why We Do the Podcast, So We Can Get Ourselves in Trouble
  • It’s Firm on Top
  • I Don’t Know What Type of Tofu She’s Eating
  • The First Release Is Always Perfect
  • The Land of Cheap Branches
  • Merge Early, Merge Often
  • Did You Write Your Own Spell-Checker?
  • He Teaches Git, He Writes About Git
  • You Can and Should Deploy Immediately
  • You Gotta Have People
  • You’ll Commit When I Tell You to Commit
  • Cropped Up Like a Virus
  • I Hate to Use the Word “Submodule”
  • And I Can Go on My Merry Way
  • Just Want to Use the Freakin’ Library
  • Helping the Noobs
  • I Am Still Skeptical, Shocker