09 Mar 2013

Heroic Measures

Andrew Pontious talks with Wolf Rentzsch about how software developers often have to go “above and beyond” as part of their work.


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • I Would Call That a General Glow
  • This is Derailing Rather Rapidly
  • It Captures the Beginner’s Mind
  • Chocolate Frosted Ego Batter
  • I Have a Cape and Everything
  • “Realistic” Is in Air Quotes
  • I’m Totally Butchering Agile
  • We’ll Just Throw More Bodies at It
  • Kind of a Squishy Definition
  • Anything You Do That Isn’t Sustainable
  • I’m Not a Lawyer
  • Anxiety Is a Good Harbinger
  • I’m Going to Upgrade Myself
  • Your Definition of Heroism Falls a Bit Short
  • How Much You Neglect the Other Parts of Your Life
  • A “Corporate Stooge” as Dan Benjamin Would Call It
  • That Sounds Horrifying
  • The Way a Lot of People Do It, the Way Your Friends Do It
  • The Air They Breathe
  • Now You’re in Charge, Go Make This Work
  • Almost Kind of an Anti-Heroic Measure
  • You Need Heroic Management
  • Treated Like Kings
  • I Mean, They’re in California, Right?
  • Outside the Apple Vernacular
  • Come in or You’re Fired
  • There Were Sprints, Is What I’m Saying
  • Don’t Get Stuck There
  • Not Zero-Based