23 Feb 2013

A Programmer and a Puzzler

Andrew Pontious along with Wolf Rentzsch talks about Andrew’s experiences with text adventure games: a bit of their history, what it was like to develop them, and his eventual deal-breaking frustration with puzzles.


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • No, That’s Not It
  • Like a Leaden Weight
  • Something from My Past, My Mysterious Past
  • Why People Don’t Love Us
  • Violence Isn’t the Answer to This One
  • A Certain Amount of Guess-the-Verb
  • Very Siri-Like
  • The Siracusa Argument
  • My Inherent Skepticism
  • A Bajillion Verbs That You Could Choose
  • You Will Be Eaten by a Grue
  • Let’s Say You Have a Kazoo
  • Getting the Ambience Straight
  • Typing in the Same Verb Two Hundred Times
  • Deflating the Stakes a Bit
  • Actually Part of the Problem
  • Kind of Being a Smart-Ass
  • More Like Debugging Than Programming
  • That Is Show Business
  • I Believe You Called It a Wasteland