16 Feb 2013

In the Tree of Your TODO List

Wolf Rentzsch, a GTD cultist, and Andrew Pontious, who’s GTD-curious, talk about Getting Things Done in their fluffiest episode yet.


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • We’re the Weird Ones Here
  • Kind of a Fluffy Episode
  • My Ears Perked Up
  • So, When Do We Get Divorced?
  • Described in Such a Programmer-y Fashion
  • I’m Driving to Work, What Do You Want Me to Do?
  • Getting It Out of Your Brain
  • We May Need to Do Some Post Editing Here
  • It Feels So Much Like a Cult
  • I Just Hate Fred
  • The Not-So-Bright Part of You
  • The Disagreements I’ve Had with Getting Things Done
  • I Have Internet Pretty Much Anywhere
  • The Big Dog
  • I Have My Own Little Bubble
  • It Makes Me Jones for the Other Ones
  • That Should Be Setting off Red Alerts for You Right There
  • Danger, Andrew Pontious!
  • OmniFocus Is a Very Big Hammer
  • One of the Reasons Why Your Life Sucks
  • “Wrestle Some Pandas”
  • I Like Merlin Mann