09 Feb 2013

A Zeno's Paradox of Authentication

Wolf Rentzsch talks to Andrew Pontious about practical OAuth: how it works, tips and tricks about how to integrate it into your apps, and the ups and downs of version 2.0.


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • The Grumpier Side of Software Development
  • I Was Expecting Starsky and Hutch to Come Sooner Rather Than Later
  • I’m American, I Don’t Know Anything
  • There Was an Hour Where It Went Haywire
  • Matt Gemmel’s MGTwitterEngine of Yore
  • Back When the World Was Wonderful
  • A Session Fixation Bug
  • Hexadecimal Jokes Are the Worst
  • Here You Go, These Are the Keys to the Car
  • Asking Permission to Ask Permission
  • Hoping That Everything’s OK
  • In Your Little Web View
  • The Primitive, Obvious Way to Do It
  • Call Me, and I Know How to Handle It
  • This Random String You Don’t Look Too Closely At
  • Web Views Are Very Hungry to Be Dropped Onto
  • Refrigerators Are Tweeting Now
  • Finally Embrace Our Web View Overlords
  • I Recommend Checking Out My Little Fork
  • Their Scope Got Bigger
  • Done by Writing in the Sky Using Your Little Biplane That Shoots Clouds out Its Rear
  • Vendors Can Later On Come and Plug Their Holes
  • There’s a Lot of Money Involved When Things Are Open to Interpretation
  • We’ve Been Swearing Throughout the Podcast
  • This Is Going to Be a Lot of Pain
  • Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Security Basket
  • Apple Lawyers, You Didn’t Hear Anybody Say That on This Podcast
  • Time Is Weird to Me