03 Feb 2013

Their Job Is to Break It

Andrew Pontious, with second guest cohost Peter Hosey, talks about the strange and wacky world of quality assurance engineers.


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • You’re Addicted or You’re a Teetotaler
  • Experiencing an Interactive Story Through Terminal.app
  • Every Orthogonal Direction
  • Isn’t Really Something You Want to Win
  • Opening and Closing the CD Tray All Day
  • Can’t They Get Some Lego Mindstorms Shit Up in Here?
  • Drudgery and Hypervigilance
  • Developers Love to File Bugs
  • Now We’re Going to Dogfood It
  • Sample Other People’s Dogfood Once in a While
  • Someone Who Likes to Press the Button
  • Definitely a Bus-Factor Problem
  • They Need to Cut It Down
  • They’re Not Just Drones
  • Failures Roll Downhill
  • They Tend to Have to Just Deal
  • Automate the Hell out of Everything
  • It’s a Downpayment, Instead of Technical Debt
  • Test the App as a Black Box
  • Sometimes It’s Just Straight-Up Broken