27 Jan 2013

Xcode, I Want to Get Organized!

Andrew Pontious, accompanied by Wolf Rentzsch, lets loose in this extra-long episode with his second Xcode 4 rant, this time focusing on Xcode’s overstuffed Organizer window.


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • You Can Do That, Why Would I Want To?
  • Apple Does Not Focus on the Past
  • Got It In One
  • You Have This Hobson’s Choice
  • Aping CodeWarrior Functionality
  • Entropy Always Wins
  • TextMate Was Going Like Gangbusters
  • Xmate
  • We’ve Bitten Off As Much As We Can Chew
  • It Becomes like a Treasure Hunt
  • It Really Afflicts Me
  • The Majority of My Little Repositories Here Are in Red
  • Volumes, Blah, Blah Blah Blah
  • I Meant, I Love Them!
  • LIke a Second Skin
  • I Don’t Let Xcode Touch the Version Control
  • GitX Acts as My Weapon of Choice
  • Do You Use Git in Anger?
  • That Thing You Do Between Checkins
  • You Know It’s Going to Beachball
  • It’s Not Great, but It’s Not Really a Problem
  • Too Much of a Kitchen Sink
  • I Really Like Windows
  • That’s How You Did Things in the 80s
  • Everything Is Visible All the Time