19 Jan 2013

Flattry Will Get You Everywhere

Wolf Rentzsch along with Andrew Pontious uses the Swedish micropayment service Flattr as an excuse to talk about inter-application communication yet again as well as introduce Compliment, his app to make it easier for other apps to integrate with Flattr.


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • Flattr and Compliment
  • A Little Foreshadowing
  • That’s Recursive Enough for Me, Let’s Pop the Stack
  • FU, Chad Sellers! FU!
  • Siracusa as the Podfather
  • A Way to Index Audio
  • I’m Totally a Car Guy
  • I Don’t Know If I Should Still Put the Mac in There
  • The Great Vowel Shortage of the Late 2009s
  • Euros, Because They’re Swedish
  • Flattrific
  • That Sounds Like Growling Pains
  • I’m Trying to Think of How iCloud Would Fit into That
  • Pasteboard-RPC
  • That’s Like Holding Back Humanity
  • There’s Only So Many Developers